Community Profile – Enid, Oklahoma

Enid is a town of over 50,000 people located in North Central, Oklahoma built on agriculture, military and petroleum. It is considered the 9th largest “city” in the state but generally self identifies as a town because of the strong sense of community and you can drive across Enid in 15 minutes. The grocery store is a social destination. Enid is the regional hub for health care and retail shopping for much of Northwest Oklahoma, so its resources are larger than its population.

Quality of Life and Religion:

Enid is known above all for the quality of life. Many people, including military families, who moved away will return to make it their “forever home”; to put down roots and raise their family. The Christian community is strong in Enid as over 50% of residents affiliate with a church. There are 90 churches representing 27 denominations with over half of those being protestant.


Vance Air Force Base brings so much to the community. We are blessed with a constant influx of new families and students with energy, enthusiasm and worldwide experiences. They tend to have high ethical standards and a strong work ethic which are contagious in the community. The base also adds economic stability and civilian jobs with a count over 2.5k personnel on the air base.


Enid Public School System graduates 400 - 500 seniors annually making it the 17 th largest High School in Oklahoma. They have 11 Elementary and 3 Middle schools that feed into the single high school. Four smaller school districts pull from the edges of Enid. The Chisholm School District is the #1 public school for PK-12 in Oklahoma. We are also very proud of our homeschool, Christian and private schools. There are five Christian Elementary schools in the area including Southern Baptist, independent Baptist, Christian, Lutheran and Catholic. There are also two Montessori schools. Both middle and high school are offered at Oklahoma Bible Academy which also delivers a college prep education in a Christian setting.

Events and Attractions:

Enid has a wide variety of attractions including the Enid Symphony, Meadowlake Park (rides, picnic area, fishing, playground and golf), David Allen Baseball Park, Leonardo’s Children’s Museum, CNB Event Center (concerts and events), Gaslight Community Theater and Regional Heritage Center. There are several higher education institutions including Northern Oklahoma College, Northwestern University and Autry Technical School. There are three golf courses, a hiking/biking trail and other outdoor activities. Community spirit is cultivated through parades, events and celebrations. There is a strong mission and philanthropic community.


Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Wichita, KS are within 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours drive. Each city has an airport, zoo, shopping, dining and many cultural events. OKC has an NBA basketball team. Stillwater is an hour away and is home to Oklahoma State University and many college sports events and other attractions. The University of Oklahoma is in Norman, just 2 hours away. There are eight state parks within 1 ½ hour drive and several lakes, providing a variety of outdoor activities.