We are looking for a man who is committed to the entirety of God's Word as that which, together with the Holy Spirit of God, gives us a knowledge of Christ, brings about repentance and faith within the unbeliever, and fully equips God's people to walk in godliness. We are looking for a man who holds firmly to the Word of God as the final and infallible authority in his life and the world.

The position we are looking to fill will be the primary teaching elder who will serve alongside other elders from within the body. As such he should be walking in the qualifications listed for elders, producing the fruit of the spirit, able to train up faithful men, and committed to preaching through the Bible expositionally. Along with this, we desire a man who is devoted to prayer, who is evangelistic, and regularly leads the unsaved to a knowledge of the Gospel. Although he does not have to currently identify himself as Mennonite Brethren, he does need to be willing to work within the USMB structure.

Skills desired for this position include: organizational/administrative skills to direct office staff and public speaking skills. We are also looking for a man committed to resolving conflict quickly and trained in biblical counseling. This man must be able to take charge and lead but able also to equip others to lead. He must be willing to submit himself to his fellow elders. A Master’s degree in Bible, theology, or pastoral ministry is desired, however previous job and ministry experiences will be considered in lieu of formal Bible and/or Seminary training.

Our Non Negotiables

• Holds to the infallibility and final authority of the Bible  

• A Man who will guard the truth in these trying times. One who will take care of and treasure the truth. I Timothy 6:20 "O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you...guard it."

• Prefers, and is committed to, expository preaching. 

• Must meet the qualifications for elder as stated in Titus 1:5-9 & 1 Timothy 3:1-7. 

• Committed to the leadership of a plurality of elders and is willing to submit himself to them. 

• Agrees with our doctrinal statement

• Affirms our church vision statement.

• Holds to a Biblical definition of marriage (between one man and one woman for life).